We love commercializing healthcare technology, and we know we can’t do it alone. Here are some of our clients and partners.

Headquartered in New York, GoTelecare is a pioneer in providing telehealth consultations to patients through our network of medical professionals and medical care facilities.

We created the GoTelecare solution to provide the access you need to experienced medical specialists & healthcare professionals who aren’t always conveniently located nearby. For patients in remote or medically underserved areas, this can make all the difference in quality and continuity of care. Disabled, elderly or non-transportable patients have access to medical consultations without travel.

The GoTelecare team is a network of fully licensed physician specialists and healthcare professionals from a broad range of medical practice areas, not limited to Primary Care, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine like other services.


Mindset Digital

Mindset Digital gets your workforce up to speed in a digital world. You can take our quick, highly visual online courses from your phone or tablet and learn the latest in LinkedIn, Twitter, digital marketing and more. We specialize in working with Fortune 500 firms (especially finance and insurance) and hospitals.

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From medical journals to articles found on the web. From events happening near where they live to classes on wellness issues that would benefit that unique person. Serve up health and wellness information to your patients beyond just the portal web space – to their smartphone, tablet, email, or messaging. From the latest wellness wearables that track activity to the cutting edge electronics used in trials – create a dialog between you and your patients.

GlobalOne Sciences

GlobalOne Sciences seeks novel, highly disruptive technologies, which we acquire for our select portfolio through outright purchase or in-licensing. We then fund the technical advancement of these technologies in order to bolster their commercial value, whether for eventual out-licensing, joint venturing, or premium divesture.

Our assessment of disruptive technologies range from early inception to advanced prototyping to premarket approved technologies. We position advancement of research and development after securing funding opportunities in the US and/or around the world.


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Acceptd was founded to better connect applicants with opportunities and streamline the recruiting and review process for decision-makers.  Acceptd is an online application platform that allows students to audition for their top-choice programs without the expense of traveling to multiple campuses for small windows of time in crowded auditions.


Ardina was inspired by a superhero of the same name, who was sent to restore balance in the universe. Ardina is also the inner letters of Cardinal, the state bird of Ohio. Between restoring balance to healthcare and a company built in Ohio, Ardina is for anyone who feels they are paying too much for healthcare.

Columbus Metropolitan Library is one of the most-used library systems in the country and is consistently among the top-ranked large city libraries.  The library serves an area of more than 870,000 residents with 21 branches conveniently located in neighborhoods throughout Franklin County.

Grange Insurance was first formed 80 years ago to provide affordable car insurance for a specific group—grange members (known nationally as the National Grange Patrons of the Husbandry). But even in the company’s earliest days, its leaders were thinking ahead to the future.  Today, they offer affordable and customizable auto, home, life and business insurance products. Together with Integrity Insurance, our affiliate company, They continue to sell exclusively through independent agents and serve customers across 13 states.