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January 2020

Facebook is Rolling Out A Preventive Health Tool – What Does That Mean For Your Data?

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Are you an avid Facebook user? You might be seeing ads or posts for Facebook’s new Preventive Health tool. In October 2019, Facebook announced it would begin rolling out an interactive health screening platform. Preventive Health takes the user’s demographic data and provides recommendations for health screenings. We’ll dive into the platform’s features and functions, how Facebook might handle your data, and what this means for HIPAA compliance and data security. Read More

Using Technology to Gather Customer Insights

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User testing is a key component of user experience (UX) research. No matter your level of market research experience, you can gather game-changing customer insights with simple user experience tools.

Not sure where to start? Which platform you select depends on your key research questions, budget, and preferred interface. 

Here are 6 user experience insights tools you can use to gather insights and improve the on-site experience.  Read More