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April 2020

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COVID-19 Grants and Resources for Small Businesses

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Small businesses are the backbone of our community. COVID-19 has presented a unique challenge to small businesses across the country. Many businesses are facing closures, declining revenue, and dwindling resources. 

In an effort to support small businesses, many global enterprises have created funding and grant opportunities to support businesses as they continue to feel the impact of the coronavirus.

Futurety has compiled a list of available grants for small businesses and will continue to update this list as more information becomes available.  Read More

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Data Resources for COVID-19

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As businesses of all sizes are grappling with the new reality of COVID-19 in our communities, there have been a number of helpful data resources available that can guide our response from a sales, product, and communications perspective. 

We’ve listed a few of our favorite resources to help guide you and your team during this unprecedented time. 

Read More

Futurety’s Response to COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to spread and dominate the local and national news, its economic impact is devastating. Experts are predicting 32% unemployment and that half of all small businesses may fail in the coming months. As a business owner, you might be wondering how to protect employees, clients, partners, and community members.

I know I am. 

That’s why I’ve outlined what Futurety is doing to protect our employees, clients, partners, and community members during this pandemic. Read More