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Andrew Hulse

[Leadership Series]: Building the Foundations of the Internet with Kent Stuckey

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We’re all familiar with the old chicken or the egg adage. Which came first? This saying applies to many interesting historical settings, and it can be applied to history that was made through the Cubby v. CompuServe court case. 

Think about the internet, social media, and the way we consume content today. To us, it makes sense that if someone posts a defaming post about another person on their Facebook page, one does not point the finger at Facebook, they point the finger at the person who wrote the post. This seems intuitive to us. At one time, it wasn’t that way. Kent Stuckey and the CompuServe legal team made it possible for us.  Read More

[Leadership Series]: Rich Baker and the CompuServe Communications Team

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What do you think of when you hear the word? Maybe you think of your five-year class reunion or maybe a family gathering outside the city you call home. Most likely, a reunion is a time to relive happy memories and moments with old friends and loved ones. However, at the end of every reunion, it’s easy to ask yourself, “am I ever going to see them again?”

The team at CompuServe just celebrated its 50th reunion. If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t even realize organizations had reunions. Would you be more shocked to hear they had over 400 former employees in attendance? 

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Jeffrey Wilkins

[Leadership Series]: Staying Above the Mess with Jeffrey Wilkins

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Sitting behind a neatly organized desk with a smile, Jeffrey Wilkins listened patiently as I stumbled through my initial greetings like “hello”, “thank you”, and the general statement of “it’s an honor to be here”. Even after his many professional successes, Wilkins politely waited for me to sit down then offered to get me a glass of water.

50 years ago he was embarking on a journey which would lead him to the pinnacle of emerging technology in a world that didn’t use the term “start-up company” as a term of endearment. The current CEO of FMX, Wilkins looked out of his glass office door and smiled when I asked him about the origins of CompuServe. 

“How much time do you have?” he asked me with a laugh. 

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Michael Morgan, Updox

[Leadership Series]: Simplifying Healthcare with Mike Morgan’s Vision for the Future

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As part of our Columbus Leadership Series, Client Relations Manager, Andrew Hulse, had the opportunity to interview some of central Ohio’s most notable leaders and executives.

In our first post, Andrew sits down with Updox CEO, Mike Morgan. Mike has a successful track record in helping organizations use technology to transform the way healthcare is delivered, having more than 25 years of healthcare leadership within software, behavioral health, and HIT organizations.

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Introducing the Columbus Leadership Series!

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Columbus, Ohio skyline

Futurety is proud to announce the Columbus Leadership Series! This four-part blog series will highlight some of central Ohio’s most notable leaders and executives. 

Andrew Hulse, Client Relations Manager, had the idea to create a series for our blog. As he developed the idea further, he decided he wanted to make an effort to highlight leaders that embody the entrepreneurial spirit of Columbus.

Through the Columbus Leadership Series, Hulse had the opportunity to interview Mike Morgan from Updox, Jeffery Wilkins, Rich Baker, and Kent Stucky, all from Compuserve. 

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Data Analytics: More than Google Analytics

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Apples are great and probably one of the most popular types of fruit available. However, we all know that an apple is not the only type of fruit that is available to us and that we’d be missing out if we didn’t consume other kinds of fruit. I personally love apples, but I also enjoy bananas, berries, and mango.

I love analogies and this is a perfect way to describe how we see many people and organizations viewing data analytics today. We often see companies have a baseline of analytics starting with Google Analytics. While Google Analytics is a really great start, it is only the tip of the iceberg in the Data Analytics space. Think of it like this: Google Analytics, in its basic form, gives you a 2D snapshot of your customers and their interaction with your online presence. As someone in Analytics or Marketing, you shouldn’t settle for a simple 2D drawing of a circle, you should want the entire sphere and be able to hold it in your hands.

The beautiful thing about data analytics is that your organization has the other pieces to the ‘Data Analytics’ puzzle: internal data. Think of your POS data, CRM data, email marketing data, or your ERP data. As Marketers, we search for a complete picture of our ‘ideal client/customer’ and would go to the ends of the earth to find it. In reality, you already have it.

At this point, you’re probably wondering: well, this is all great, but how do I do it? My Salesforce CRM doesn’t talk to my POS and online ordering platforms, and my email campaign data is in Constant Contact. Unifying internal analytics doesn’t have to be some big secret. Through tools, for example, Google’s BigQuery, it is possible to create APIs that will connect and seamlessly integrate all these streams of data and marry them into one large, accessible data stream. Once complete, this will give your organization a complete picture of your customers and how they interact with your organization–or–how they want to be communicated with and how they don’t.

At Futurety we live and breath data analytics. We look at ourselves as a data analytics company that DOES digital marketing and marketing automation, not the other way around. Marketing doesn’t have to be a guessing game, and we’re closer than ever to creating true one-to-one marketing on a large scale to reach your customer before they need you and to make sure you’re the first brand or organization they think of when they have a need.

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