Transforming City-Wide Mobility
through Data Analytics


With vastly growing urban populations across the country, the need for transit innovation is at an all time high. High-growth cities and governments are turning to smart mobility to integrate new mobility solutions along with existing public transportation systems and influence adoption among residents and visitors alike.

Futurety partners with government and urban planning agencies of all sizes to lead research programs with modern data science models and analytics, and develop comprehensive adoption planning among multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

Transform environmental and economic impact with
Smart Mobility adoption through data analytics.


Futurety Knows Data Modeling & Communication Campaigns

Futurety has developed a customizable data analytics, machine learning, and communications strategy process for Fortune 100 companies, startups, and government agencies nationwide. We utilize existing primary transit and population data supplemented with accessible secondary data sources to draw revolutionary insights, inform communication strategies, and increase adoption among populations who need it most.

Data Analytics Services Package

Futurety offers an introductory data analytics and data modeling solution to glean immediate, actionable insights and inform smart mobility strategies. Our introductory analytics program includes:

    • Implementing sophisticated data analytics modeling to identify high need or high single occupancy car user demographics and population segments.
    • Conducting external research to identify key pain points, challenges, and opportunities among identified key personas for next-step analysis & strategy development.
    • Developing focused messaging and channel strategy to promote solution adoption among High Likelihood and High Impact populations.


Ready to learn how data analytics and adoption strategies
can enable smart mobility in your city?