Next-Level Engagement

All audiences can be divided into four categories: Casuals, Regulars, Advocates, and Champions. How much value could you gain by moving members of each audience up one level? What is the value of keeping your Champions, Champions; bumping your Regulars to Advocates; or preventing your Regulars from falling to Casuals?

What is Next Level Engagement?

At the bottom we have your Casual audience.

Your casual audience interacts with your brand every once in a while. They’re squinting through streaks while driving to buy a new pair of wiper blades. They’re on the family road trip and stopping by because everyone needs a bathroom break and they just can’t stomach another bout of fast food. They’re making the generous donation because their tax professional says they’ll qualify for a bigger tax break if they give just few more dollars. That sore throat isn’t going away, it might be strep, and your office just happens to be the one with an available appointment. You are on their list, but priorities are priorities and you’re not one of theirs.

Above, we have your Regular audience.

Your regular audience interacts with your brand frequently enough to collect usable data. They come in on Fridays, attend the local specials, and bring the family every year during the holidays.

Even higher we have your Advocate audience.

Your advocate audience enjoys your brand for themselves but also recommends your brand to others. They bring you up in conversation, convince the office to tend your way, and fall back on your brand even after trying out your competitors just for fun.

And at the very top, we have your Champion audience.

Your champion audience pays you to promote your brand. They sing your praises, buy your T-shirts, and run your 5Ks. They only interact with other brands when they have to. They turn your Casual audience into Regulars, promote your Regular audience to Advocates, and invite your Advocates to join them at the top as Champions of your brand. They’re proud to be a champion of your brand and see themselves as a member of your community.

Futurety draws the plans, implements the strategies, and connects you with the tools to drive next-level engagement. Whether you’re looking to grow your Regular audience, or want to build a foundation of proud Champions, Futurety can help audiences of any kind engage with your brand at the next level.