Our Team


Our team has started companies from kitchen tables, been part IPOs, done great things at hotshot consuling firms and brought innovation to global corporations. We are startup veterans, entrepreneurs, angel investors, MBAs, and former corporate executives. And, we are real people. We have a strict “life is too short rule” and demand a culture of respect, inclusion, diversity, service and humility.

Bill Balderaz is president and founder of Futurety where he focuses on helping organizations disrupt industries and develop new products and services. Previously, Bill was founder and president of Webbed Marketing which went from a one-man consultancy to one of the fastest growing interactive marketing agencies in the Midwest. He has spoken at more than 150 conferences from New York to California on innovation. Bill has also been featured in dozens of media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and NPR. Bill spends his free time boating, fishing and camping with his three children.

Sam Underwood serves as Futurety’s Director of Business Strategy, working with Futurety clients, as well as the internal team on innovation and digital initiatives. With a diverse background in digital marketing, online and consumer research, communications strategy consulting, and business development, Sam brings a wide range of expertise to his clients’ marketing and business plans. Outside of work, Sam can often be found hiking, biking, running, or pursuing another outdoors activity.

Lindsey Morr is a Market Analyst with Futurety. In her role, Lindsey helps organizations uncover and understand data to drive innovation. Lindsey has lived in San Diego, Chicago and New York, working in the startup and innovation fields. She was an early employee of Groupon and was with the company during its IPO. She is pursuing a Master’s Degree with a focus on analytics and communication from The Ohio State University. Lindsey enjoys travel, being on the water, and cooking.

Christina Balderaz is a Market Analyst with Futurety. She specializes in derving insights from complex data sets and working with data visualization tools. Christina holds a Master’s Degree from Ashland University with a focus on Mathematics. She is a lifelong equestrian and now is a horse mom supporting her two daughters on the Quarter Horse circuit.

Louis John Murray is Lead Analyst in Data Sciences with Futurety. Originally recruited for his ability to reach tall shelves, he also has experience in predictive modeling and data visualization. Known as a “Jack of all trades”, he enjoys working on projects within all strategic business units. A graduate of Indiana University, Louis John holds undergraduate degrees in Marketing, Business Analytics, and Technology Management. He can be found wherever there is food and also enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing rugby.

Elise Telford is a Marketing Strategist with Futurety. In her role, Elise specializes in multi-channel content strategy, social media and email marketing, and marketing automation. A Cincinnati native and The Ohio State University alum, Elise lived in Washington, D.C. working in the advertising and consulting industries. She currently resides in sunny San Diego and enjoys hiking, watching sunsets over the Pacific, and traveling!

Allie Gellner is a Client Strategy Specialist at Futurety. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Ohio Northern University, majoring in public relations with minors in communication studies and social media. At Futurety she focuses on creating new PR and sales opportunities for our partner organizations through both traditional and digital tactics.

Outside of the office, you can find Allie at country concerts, traveling, binge watching Netflix, or enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Travis Kendall

Travis Kendall is an Account Manager at Futurety. He received his Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Music, Media, and Enterprise. From teaching students in inner-city Chicago high schools, to advising clients on financial strategies at kitchen tables across the state of Ohio, Travis has been building relationships professionally for over eight years. At Futurety he connects with clients to strategize on predictive, data-driven marketing plans. Outside of the office, you can find Travis on the rugby pitch with the Columbus Coyotes, improvising at the monthly Pocket Lint Longform Improv Night, and LARPing with local battle games chapters around the Midwest.